Helen’s Philosophy

Helens Kitchen Favourites’ dream is to encourage shared food experiences with family and friends. This follows from a belief that sharing food brings people closer together.

Being simple yet delicious, you’ll find that my products are a perfect addition to any gathering. Being handmade and beautifully presented means you’ll never want to turn up empty handed – simply present one of the many delicious Helen’s Kitchen Favourites treasures.

I have a versatile range of products, all home made, free of preservatives and originated from family favourites, refined over many years.

My favourites really are ‘Treasures for Sharing’ – made with love for those you love.

~ Helen ~

Helen’s Promise

When you buy Helen’s Kitchen Favourites products, you’ll know that my products are:

  • Consistent in taste and presentation
  • Beautifully presented, making them a tasty gift
  • Free of Preservatives
  • Handmade
  • Made with love

Helen’s Kitchen Favourites Customers

Helen’s Kitchen Favourites caters to both wholesale and retail customers.

I will deliver on my promise to retail customers, and support wholesale customers in delivering this promise to their customers.